Scorpio Male with a Libra female?

I'm going on a first date tomorrow with a Scorpio male and I'm a bit nervous on how to act because Scorpios can be quite harsh. I was wondering on opinions on how to act, what I should wear to keep him interested and if these signs are compatible?

I know this isn't just about his sign, i'm wanting advice on any guy aswell and first dates. I've never been on one and am nervous as I'm not sure what to expect in any terms of it. Not real experienced compared to some people, so i need advice!


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  • I suggest you forget about Zodiacs.

    For a first date, make sure you don't talk about yourself too much. Let the conversation bounce back and forth, give each other turn to speak. Ask about him. If there's something he seems proud of, ask him to elaborate further. Avoid political and philosophical topics. Be proud of who you are and what you do, but not prideful. Be humble, but don't put yourself down too.

    Don't get caught up in emotions. If you think he seems like a good catch, remember to mention what a good time you had with him. Wait to see if he suggests a second date, or hint to him when you can see him again.

    And don't be too desperate either. If you have your doubts about him, they are usually right. Don't try too much to make him like you, for e.g. agreeing with everything he said, or changing your personality too much. There was once I went out with a girl who was in the breakdancing/hiphopping crowd. I am introverted and more bookish, but I tried to "fit in". Well of course it was a disaster. But you definitely should try to go out of your comfort zone too. Be a bit different if need be, to adapt to him. But not too much that you lose track of who you are.

    • Yeah that was such a great answer im a natural people pleaseer and I usually always try and make sure everyone else is happy and feels great about themselves so I'll try and be confident and not all about him! Thank you you made me a lot less nervous

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    • I went on my date and it was absolutely amazing!! Your advice really helped calm my nerves and it was phenomenal! thank you :)

    • Glad I could help haha.

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  • I'm a Scorpio and I don't believe the description defines me.

    • I know that, I don't think everything a sign says tells everything because everyone acts different in certain situations, however I do believe some things can be true. It's not just his sign I'm talking about though, I'm talking about any guy as I've never been on a date, I'm used to be around a lot of people and socialising with not just one person, and I get shy as well and as someone said below they can be quite blunt and sexual

    • Be yourself. Act according to your values and desires. If he's compatible with you it will work. If you act in a way just to please him it won't be fulfilling for either of you over time.

    • I'm pretty tactful, yet honest. Very sexual but wouldn't push it on someone that didn't reciprocate.

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  • Zodiac signs? Seriously? How about you act accordingly based on how he actually behaves, and not based on what some bullshit sign tells you.

    • I believe a sign can tell a lot about someone, not everything but some things.. it's not just about his sign as in the description it says a lot more. If you don't have anything helpful to say or can't read the description maybe you shouldn't comment?

    • I already told you what I think you should do. Act accordingly based on how he actually behaves. The descriptions of signs literally hold no weight. They're so vague that they can literally apply to anything and anyone.
      So as I said, you're better off getting to know him as a person. Not as a zodiac sign.

    • Oppa agreed

  • They are known to get sexual quick and are blunt. :)

    • Yeah we've been chatting and he's been pretty blunt, but he's open as well, and he isn't very shy about sexual innuendoes although not creepy or anything! Just a bit nervous! I'm not very experienced at all in dating either so I don't really know what to do!!

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    • Oh no, I would never ever let someone control me, I'm very independent as well, but what's a first date like with an intense experienced guy like that? I'm a bit nervous about it..

    • Probably a lot of stares and pause. He might try to seduce you or say silly things to make you warm first. And yeah you might laugh 😇

  • first off, thats absolutely not the first thing you should look at when going out with a guy. I know MANY people who are the exact opposite of their "sign"

    Don't act any different just to keep him interested. you shouldn't have to, don't lower your standard just to keep someone interested. If he likes you for you, than GREAT! But if he doesn't, then be smart enough to let him go.