Am I over reacting? We're not fighting or anything but I'm too jealous and insecure helppppp?

I hv a boyfriend and we love each other and all but there's this girl, we have tuition classes together and she's really pretty :( like really really pretty, gets me so insecure. by the way I'm new to this area bcs I moved to a new house begging of the year so I just met my bf 5 months ago and we just clicked. So the I don't know third? day of tuition, we were just starting to get to know each other (me and my bf) so we sat together and this girl , like I said, she's very pretty ughhh :( so I don't know I think my bf and her, knew each other but weren't close or anything so she stared at him while making an exit to the door and he said hi to her and I can't freakin get it out of my head I'm so jealous I hate myself? Ugh. This is stupid. I'm so insecure :( and I never told my bf that I despised her and am jealous of her. Well they never talked after that but she's really pretty and I really am being a total bitch about this. He tells me that I'm the prettiest among them all but it gets me mad bcs I know it's not true? You see what my problem is :( ? And he just started an Instagram acc and ( I know this is crazy) I'm scared that he's going to follow her on Instagram and look at all her pictures :( gets me so damn insecure wtf is wrong w me


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  • I heard that if something gets you jealous you need to stay positive. My sister read that in a book.