What do I do, and how do I pick myself up from this?

I am totally heart broken, after a year of trying to start a family with the man who was my dream guy, i finally fell pregnant both were excited.
I already had 3 kids this is my 4th but my first with him, i am 4 months pregnant now, we fight a lot due to his drinking and our drunken roommate who is a drug addict (cops won't help get him out tried 3 times)!!! And because of how everyrhing is it is very stressful. I want things to work out, only problem is is he verbally abuses me i already have a low self esteem and am overweight due to having babies.
He will call me names and the most hurtful is fat and crazy, earlier he locked the doors so i had to crawl through a window and he yelled out fat ass coming in through the window!! Any name you can think of he has called me it.
How do i get him to stop, and treat me with dignity and respect? Even when we fight i dont put him down and i beg him to stop because of the mental torture it puts me through, i have my play in the fights and have my faults, but my self esteem is the lowest its ever been, i am afraid to gain weight even in the pregnancy because i am over weight, i just want compliments instead of put downs!!!
How do i deal with this? Get it to stop? And regain some kind of self worth?
P.S. leaving isn't an option for many reasons a few are i have no friends or family, my bf is the only family i have, we are in a secluded area with vertually no resources, i have no license so can't take the car (i have court comming up because i got arrested for dwp) and because i have court. I am literally stuck, i reached out to the few i talk to but nothing, also my phones busted and can't use it he put a lock on his phone so i can't use it unless he allows me to, so i dont have access to a phone either.


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  • Wow. Why would you want to have a baby with this type of person. He sounds terrible... you need to be independent and learn how to drive, can't believe you let.yourself rely on a man. No woman should have to rely on a man. You pick yourself up, don't you dare have pity on yoirself. Keep your head up high and don't let him put you down, he's doing it so he knows he has control of you and feel like hrs the boss. Don't let him win and treat you that way or else it'll only get worse. Stand up to him and if he ever lays a hand on you that's it. Rather be a single mom than to have a woman beater as a bf/husband be a use who knows if he'likes hit your children as well. And as a mother's duty it's your job to protect your babies, not out them in harms way. You need to do something about this asap. Instead of crying and telling him to stop, have a serious tall about it and let him know he better straighten up now and make this his last chance let him know how he's making you feel and it's also not healthy for the baby. Maybe he was an asshole all along and waiting for you to get pregnant just so he can show his true colors and feel like he has you for sure now.

    • I know how to drive, just no license. but he quit drinking, roommates gone and things got better. we also started counseling.

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  • Was too long, I didn't read..


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  • how is this your dream guy? figure out a way to leave, involve social services because that isn't life. that is what isn't and option

    • If i got social services invilved they would just take my child.