I have a lack of confidence any ideas to help build it up?

i do lack confidence i think that is part of the reason i have never had a boyfriend. i would like some tips and tricks if that is possible without losing who i am?


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  • You have to target whatever makes you feel insecure about yourself (deeper than the non boyfriend thing), and fix it.

    You don't change who you are.

    It could be tough, depending on your mental strength, but we all fit to another person like a key in a lock, and sometimes the locks and keys aren't all that different from each other.

    People who are content with is this either rejected a lot of people (or got rejected a lot) till they found "Mr./Mrs Right", or they got lucky in the first couple of rounds.

    • i have been told all my life i wouldn't amount to much so i kinda doubt it thanks though

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    • My bad for snooping around but there is a good workout app on the apple App Store called "sworkit" check it out

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  • confidence has to do with being yourself and being comfortable with who you are. and you won't lose who you are because it is who you are.


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