Is it weird when I was in a relationship, I got hit on?

I'm single now but when I was in a relationship with my ex boyfriend, I was happy, but relationship didn't work out. I've been hit on a couple of times. When I was getting some food for my ex and I, some man told me where I was going and smiling I said I'm going to my boyfriend's house" in a nice way. I wasn't being rude or anything. Then when I walked out of the media center, this guy was staring at me and asked me for my name. He told me I was very beautiful and asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said thanks but I told him I have a boyfriend. He wanted my number nut I told him no and my boyfriend (at the time) wouldn't like that and the guy was cool with it. I got hit on once in a while, but I find that weird that I was hit on a couple times when I was in a relationship. It was my first one at 21.
I'm not fishing for complements. What do you think about this?


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  • Probably because guys like to play hard to get and you seem to be confident so men like confident women. Plus you sound very attractive, that's why you're probably getting hit on a lot.


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  • LOL i get told by my mates all the time that gal is looking but i truly just dont see it at all! maybe i find it difficult to believe?


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