Is this guy from online normal so far?

We had a good chat so he called me.

He didn't seem too fake or anything. He told me where he works. He told me he doesn't like online dating so much because he is looking to find someone not just date around. I asked him if he is looking for a relationship then he said "well..yeah that would be nice" a little sheepishly like he didn't know if he should admit it. He was trying hard to make good conversation and telling me about his day and his weekend coming up. He told me he's had long term relationships before. He told me where he grew up. He told me about his neighborhood He told me he's on his lunch break and where he's walking. He said he enjoyed talking with me.

I've dated a few jerks myself and this guy didn't seem too "smooth" or slick. He seemed pretty genuine to me. I didn't get any red flags

He told me will talk later so now he texted me. Is it ok to talk more now? We have a date in a few days.


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  • Well he sounds pretty normal so far. Never know for sure though. But not red flags at least


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