So my girlfriend just yelled at me...?

Because I was disappointed that I won't get to see her tomorrow when she gets back from her 2 week army training course. Exact text message details are as follows:

Me: When do I get to see you?

GF: Probably Sunday. Caleb (her son) is picking me up so I'll have lunch with him then probably dinner with Miranda (her daughter).

Me: :( ok

GF: Sorry Sugar Butt (worst petname ever). I'm so exhausted from this course. I don't want to do anything but rest on Saturday.

Me: I know, just not what I expected.

Me: Oh well

GF: What were you expecting?

Me: To see you tomorrow

Me: Like I said, oh well

GF: IM FREAKING EXHAUSTED. I've been working off of 3-5 hours of sleep a night for two weeks!

Me: Nvm then

GF: Ugh!!!

Me: I didn't know my wish to see you brought on such anger

So yea, needless to say, my soul is a little bit crushed. I was disappointed enough when I found out I wasn't going to see her tomorrow, which means my cake gets to wait another day in the fridge. Not a huge deal, but not being on the first to see list doesn't make me feel very important. Once the yelling started, or capital texting as it were, my heart sank. I'm not even sure I want to see her at all now. So here's my lame question. Should I just eat the cake I made myself? She'll never know I even made it.


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  • She's already exhausted from the course, and has plans to spend tomorrow with her son and daughter. It's not like she put you off until next week. Sunday is reasonable. It's unreasonable for you to expect her to put you first.

    You should give her the cake, and also give her an apology for not being more understanding. Her frustration with your responses was understandable.

    • Cake AND an apology? Maybe I started off in the wrong, but I don't consider yelling an appropriate response to any situation. You're asking for too much, sister.

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    • I understand your anticipation to see her and excitement about what you have planned, and it must be disappointing to know you're not going to be seeing her tomorrow.
      But you can still do all of that on Sunday! :) The massage, the cake, everything, and it will probably be a lot better on Sunday since she will be well-rested and likely appreciate it more. Some things that happen in a relationship (whether it's a romantic relationship or even a friendship) are best left to blow over. Sometimes even when you know you are right, you still may apologize or whatever just to be the bigger person and smooth things over. A simple apology will likely fix everything and it will easily be a thing of the past. She should love the day you have planned for her and it would be caring on her part to show appreciation for it.

    • I'll consider it.

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  • To be fair you were being sulky and self centred, she wants to spend the day with her kids and recover from what sounds like an extremely tiring schedule. It's one day not a month you should have been understanding instead of acting like that

    • I've been understanding for the past two weeks. She hasn't been the only one under stress. Why do I have to bear the entire burden of understanding?

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    • Very judgemental, but ok, I'll bite. How many times do you think she's rearranged her schedule for me? Also, how many times do you think I've rearranged mh plans for her?

    • Who cares she had a legitimate reason for it and you don't care about how she feels right now

  • I'd be pissed too, you were kind of acting like a pouty man child.

  • I think what she wanted was you to be understanding of her exhaustion and instead you complained about YOUR needs.

    Plus she apologised (even if the pet name is embarrassing) so really she is not trying to hurt you.

    She needs to see her children first because she doesn't expect them to understand that she is exhausted however she does expect you as the man who loves her to care for her well being and wait one more day.

    • My needs, plural? Last I checked, I mentioned only one, and us seeing eachother isn't a one way exchange. I'm not paying for a service. Spending time together should be mutual. Your response is a bit short sided.

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    • I'm sure you could find out somehow.. Her children maybe? If you do go to see her you shouldn't expect her to spend the day with you instead of her children. Show her that you respect her decisions but just had to see her even if for a short while.

    • I know of her children. I haven't actually met them, so that's not an option. Like I said, I really can't go if I'm not invited. I don't have the necessary information, and if she wanted me there she would have given that all to me.

  • She misread your "oh well" thinking you were complaining or sulking. She's tired so overreacted... and I guess her children will always come first...
    Sorry to hear about the cake, but you should just go ahead and eat it if you think it will go bad, or visit them real quick and take it with you?

  • I say EAT THE CAKE!!!

    • Mr. Sensitive, is that a better pet name? :D

      Sorry you feel unwanted. : (

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    • It's actually not that hard. Just a little more complicated than a normal cake.

    • Yes I know and I think I LOVE you. Haha

  • she overreacted, she was probably tired and you know how people get when tired they are sharks!


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  • You're being a little too sensitive bro. She's got kids, a good mum always puts priority on her kids. You were being overly passive aggressive and martyrish with your texting. She's also obviously tired, so quite irritable. Don't stress it, just leave her be for a while, and try to buck up a little when talking to her.

  • Dude, she was tired. Kids come first, so don't feel bad about that.

    She apologized at first, which is where you should've been like it's okay I understand or something. Instead you made her feel bad..and on top of that, she's tired so that's why she got mad.

    I say you apologize, then she most likely will too. Don't eat the cake, give it to her. It'll help, trust me.

  • No if anything you cqn use the cake too your advantage

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