I have a girlfriend but with an insanely overprotective mom. Please help me!!!?

My girlfriend has an overprotective mom. Me and her love each other very much, were dating secretly and if her mom finds out she will be Cyberschooled and forced to break up with me.
Her mom won't let her leave her house on rainy days or without her bff Cassie. Who is moving today.
I don't know what to do, we don't want it a secret but are forced to keep it that way, and we need to be together more often now that were a couple, please if you know how to get her mom to stop this madness, please reply!!!


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  • Your girlfriend Is Old enough to move out of the house and start her own life. If she has a job, she should start considering leaving mom home in the nest, and spreading her wings. If Not, Every relationship, no matter who it would be with, will go South, believe me. She has to take control of her life, and if you and her want to have any sort of life, you are going to have to work together to end the 'Mom madness.'
    If she stands for this Now with Mommy Dearest, she will forever be having to stoop for whatever poop she throws her way. She will always think she has the upper hand, no matter if her daughter were 50, and Continuously think she can keep her baby under her thumb and------Wing.
    This situation has to be nipped in the bud, or remain in the house on 'rainy days' with 'bff Cassie' being used as her guide dog.
    Unless your girlfriend has a stern and strict chat with mom, and of course, I am quite sure she has tried, and has not gotten anywhere, it's time for her to pack up and set sail, waving good-bye to her Captain. Mom has to learn that her daughter has a new ship Mate, and if she is too afraid to bring you home to meet One of the parents, then gone with the wind she must.
    Good luck.xx

    • Were both 14.

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    • Thanks I hope it works too... also I forgot to mention she has a destructive little bro... xD

    • Oh, can it get much worse? Seriously, don't give up, don't give in...you both only have a few more short years, try and work through it. It can be done...xx

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  • Try to get to know the mom so she can trust you and know who you are. Ask to be involved in more things when she's around. If she sees you as sneaky or some way she doesn't like its not going to help. In the end she will probably be adamant in her decision and that's all on her.

    • I forgot to mention, her mom doesn't really want her hanging out with guys at all, so if she sees me she might assume im dating her daughter. Plus I have never seen her mom in my entire life. All I do is hear her mom asking her to get the door when I knock.

  • Does her mom even know about you?

    • No and if she did she would be sent to Cyber school and we would be broken up.

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  • How old is this girlfriend of yours?

    • 14 and so am I.

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    • To the opinion owner: Believe me she's not. I made out with her daughter and her friends have been taking her outside (Her mom trusts them) so we can hang out together. They know how much she means to me.

    • Why are you complaining therefor?