Girl you like, but can't date?

I fucking like this girl, she's perfect..i can be picky when it comes to girls i truly like forming relationships with, getting to know many females just be sluzzing it hard, but this chick is different she's just this cute little shy white girl...Down to earth nerdy type...and well right now i'm in school, and not working..i'm going hard on those books mane to get a nice job by January..anyways how can i show this girl i like her, the same time..i can't date her...fucking paradox man feeel like bashing my head on a wall...We've hungout twice already...twas awesome we got the chemistry... Should i just end are friendship, or just...

Need help brohams, and broettes


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  • Lol you almost perfectly described me (I am so short, white, high grades and try to be as nice and truthful as possible) not meaning to be full of myself sorry. Back to you, I feel you should just let her know how you feel but how you can't date her. I like this guy named Trevor and I would love for him to say that because I would now not wonder about him just leading me on. Go take the chance and confess for her sake. Tell her in the future once you can you will date her if she is interested ;)

    • I'm worried it will backfire! And i'm going to summer school with her..i don't want it to be awkward between us! haha..but as much as i want to tell her...its hard too..she might not have the same feels as me..But i should do it OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...this is such a females drive me nuts haha...or is it just me0_0

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    • omg i should so tell her on the last day too...its next week!!
      you got more courage then me LOOOOOL
      I'm up for the challenge!!! hahha

    • Aww great :) My last day is technically Wednesday and then I have exams. I guess ill tell him Wednesday and then see what he says when we both have exams together Thursday and monday. Thank yoy I try aha :) Just dont ever look back, it will alk be worth it :)

  • Sounds like you're on the right path to showing her you like her, but if you know it won't work move on. Too mane ladies to be wasting your time.

    • its so hard to move on though...i'm going to summer school with her:(
      Just the fact that we'll be in the same class would be tuff haha

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    • You can compliment her however you want, but most girl especially shy/nerdy/cute ones don't want to be called "Hot". It sounds sleezy and she'll pick up on it. That type of compliment is for a different type of girl. If she's conservative you want to keep your compliment in line with that. I know it sounds cheesy, but "Beautiful" sounds more appropriate for this type of girl. From a personal standpoint, I roll my eyes when I hear "Hot" or words that are comparable. Best of luck!

    • Gracias hermosa, thanks for the tips!!

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