We`re exclusive, is the gf/bf part implied?

So I've been dating this guy for about 3 months. We discussed being exclusive after about one month of dating, when we started having sex. However, we never discussed whether or not the relationship was "official." When we discussed being exclusive, he said that he was only seeing me, and that he wasn't interested in dating anyone else.

Since then he has been acting like a bf. He texts me everyday. We go out on dates once or twice a week. He always surprises me with little things that I like. For example, he made me my favorite meal when I slept over a few nights ago. Or wakes up early to go get me coffee so when I have it when I wake up (he doesn't drink it, but he knows that I love it.) He opens doors for me, and is very gentleman like, loves to cuddle.

Should I bother asking if we are "official" or do you think that his actions are enough?


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  • I would say that being exclusive is enough to be considered official. You are definitely right in saying that he is acting like a boyfriend. If you are fine with assuming you are official for now, just leave it. If you really want to know, just ask. Have another talk about it. It doesn't seem like he is the type of guy to mind talking with you. Seems like he just wants you to be happy.


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  • Exclusive is official

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