Can a guy ever go from falling in love, to falling out of love, to falling back in love, with the same girl?

Would he purposefully put on the breaks if he thought it was going too fast, and if so why?

How long is the process?

What are some traits of a man falling love?

What if he feels like he doesn't really love the girl, but somethings telling him in his gut he should be with her, maybe it's a slow process?

How do u know when you've found the one?

Is it just a matter of when his mind is ready to fall, then he will?


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  • Oh boy, this is a fun one.

    First for your title question.
    It's possible but unlikely. There is a reason for really falling out of love. That reason isn't likely to go away, not any time soon. Talk with him about it, figure out what is wrong, and fix it if you can and want to. Then there may be a chance.

    Some guys will put on the breaks if things feel like they are going too fast. I know that I've been in some emotional states where a girl could definitely go too fast. In those situations, I would try and slow things down. I wouldn't go full reverse by any means but I would talk to you and tell you why I don't like what's going on.

    That process can take anywhere from the course of the conversation to never. It depends on the guy and the situation. And how hard you are willing to work at it.

    If he is falling out of love, he won't be as touchy. He won't talk as much. He may seem like he is sulking some. Flirts won't be returned. Kisses will be weak. He may even just seem tired all the time. If there isn't a noticeable change from one point to another, you have nothing to worry about.

    First thought for this one is that the something else is his penis. On a serious note, I would say that there can be something intriguing about a woman that seems like there might be potential for love. That can be alluring to a man for a while until he uncovers whatever that is. As a rule, be open to avoid this. It only causes confusion and false hopes.

    I imagine you've found the one when you can't imagine life without that person. If you don't want to go a few days without waking up beside him, or even a day without talking to him, you've likely found someone you can marry.

    In the matter of love, guys are just as complicated as girls. Our emotions run wild, we can be irrational, say things we don't mean. There are too many factors to lay out how and why a guy falls in love. But to some degree, he does have to be ready to fall in love.

    • I just wish the ones I want could want me back! For a change... :[

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    • Exactly! Go find yourself a man that appreciates you.

    • For all that I am worth! Lol. He will find me soon I know it.

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  • To answer your main question, yes and no. I do believe it can happen, but only over a long enough time that one, or both, of them has evolved and become a new person. Anything that happens in less time than that is more than likely either going to be confusion on his part and not understanding his emotions, or him using the girl. Typically, the part of the brain that connects the left and right sides is thicker, and richer in women than in men. Since one side of the brain primarily controls emotions, and the other side primarily controls logic, women really do understand their emotions better than men do. So a man not knowing and understanding how he feels is completely possible.

    I don't believe anyone truly knows when they've found the mythical one person they are supposed to be with. I'm pretty sure it is simply a matter of faith, belief, hope, and motivation.

    For the rest of your questions, it is different for everyone. There is no universal answer.

    • Is 2 years a long enough time?

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    • That is excellent.

      Weight loss, assuming someone is unhealthily over weight, is always a wonderful thing that takes devotion and hard work. However, in matters of love, weight shouldn't matter. someone's waist line has no impact on the state and form of his or her heart or mind. That's how I've always looked at it, anyway.

    • Oh that is so envouraging

  • Mmmm you dont fall in and out sometime it may be a if it is really true thing and if so the heart will lead you back

  • He can fall in love and fall out of love with a girl, but I doubt he can fall back in love with the same girl.

    Completely different story with girls though.

  • Yes, I have. That is possible. Sadly, she married in the meantime.

    • Oh that does suck. I am sorry. Us girls have a tendency not to play games and keep it real with our emotions, so when we feel a guy runs hot and cold, we feel as though he feels we are not worth his time, and run too, just far far away.

  • Just be patient. If he really likes you, it will happen. If it take too long move on.

    • How long too long. Especially if we know each other fairly well, and understand that both of us us not ready for any type of relationshio

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  • If you really love someone you never actually stop you just learn to live without them

    • Really? Well that sucks...Alot of lonely people out there.

    • Pretty much