Online dating, good or bad idea for geeks?

I want to do online dating and find girls with similar interests
I would try and talk to them on Skype before a date but yeah.
I just don't know, it's a hard world out there for geeks when it comes to girls.

Read my other questions to see what kind of guy I am and what I'm like in relationships.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You're actually kinda cute tbh. Go to anime cons or something like that, that's way better than dating sites :D

    I actually tried online dating once, but I hated it >< It just... didn't feel right, I guess. Don't know how to explain it. I just don't like flipping through profiles like a catalogue of humans I want to try out, it's too impersonal. Plus, once I actually start talking to a person, there's this immediate awareness that you expect there to be romantic chemistry, which puts a lot of pressure on you... well, that's how I see it at least.

    • That makes perfect sense to me.

    • Also thanks, that strange hearing that haha

    • Yeah currently I'm at comic con and inviting anyone who is displaying from the same anime to a photo shoot and hang out. Hopefully I can form some friendships that may one day turn into relationships.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Worked for me and my boyfriend, together for two and a half years now.

    Online dating is great, because filters. You can match people you have similar interests with. :D

  • My last boyfriend I met through a gaming site. It was in no way planned and we started off as gamer friends. I think online dating, and intentionally looking for girls seems desperate tbh


What Guys Said 5

  • Not a good idea AT ALL, especially for guys. Firstly, the male-female ratio on such sites is pretty skewed (lot more men than women), so you need to look REALLY good to get responses. Even in that case, there is a problem because the women would feel there's something wrong with you, hence you're seeking dates online (instead of in person) in spite of having good looks.

    Moreover, people on dating sites are usually not what they claim to be. So avoid online dating, unless you're prepared to be disappointed big time. Of course, it may work for some, but those are just exceptions.

    • Just noticed that you're a gamer. I feel you, pal! I'm a gamer too!

    • i don't think of guys being weird to be honest, it just shows to me that they are not able to find the right women for them in 'real life'

  • Online dating sites can one of the most depressing and soul-destroying things a man can ever venture into.Keep that in mind.It won't matter how many good qualities, abilities and interests you have (some might be interested in you, if those interests involve spending a lot of money and they'll get to enjoy it too).
    The women are basically shallow, and you can count on 10% or so of their profiles being fake (like these women don't exist in real life).

    If you have profile photos that make you look like a movie star or male model, you could get some interest regardless of what you write in your profile.
    Expect that you won't even get a reply to most messages you send.Expect to send a lot of messages each week to get anywhere near meeting someone.

    If you put that much effort into meeting women in the real world, I think you'd do better.If you treat it as a lottery, and don't really expect results, online dating won't waste too much of your time.Try something like Plenty of Fish, at least it's free.

  • I'm not sure. You could try it, but I'm not sure how much good it would do. It can be pretty hard to get responses and often it's just unnecessary strain on your self-esteem. I think it would be better to have a circle of friends in real life who share your interests and maybe that way you might meet a girl.

  • Its shit, there's more guys than girls, then there's also a lot of fake profiles

    If you can manage to sift through all that then you may have a shot but apart from that its better to do it in real life face to face.

  • The other three guys before me said what needed to be said.

    Online dating is only for the best looking of guys. Most messages you send will garner absolutely no response. Girls online have abnormally high standards- expect that most of them filter their search results by "6'0 or greater, $100k+ a year, athletic". If you don't fit the bill, you are shut out of even being seen (much less considered), no matter how interesting you are or how well you two match.

    Just stick to dating in person. You'd have better luck doing blind dates or something.