Why doesn't a girl believe me when I tell her nice?

She is a model like woman, doing aerobic, etc. Still, when I try to make her feel like a woman, praise her for her hair, body: she doesn't seem to believe me. She doesn't get embrassed, just seems to ignore that. Or mightbe its not a good way to catch her attention?


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  • Maybe she doesn't want to seem "up herself" by agreeing with you - but trust me, it's good that you still tell her!

    Maybe you should try complimenting her on intrinsic traits more often than you compliment on her physical traits. This is very important for getting her attention. Is she kind, compassionate, strong (emotionally, I mean), intelligent, witty, easygoing, fun, honest, true to herself, confident, etc? Compliment her on qualities like these as well as her personal appearance :)
    You don't want her to think that you're only interested in sex - let her know you like her as a person first and foremost!

    I have always found it hard to believe when someone tells me I'm pretty or beautiful. I tend to think they're just saying it to be nice, not because they mean it.

    • yepp, you're right. Once I called her "beautiful" - she had little tears in here eyes, and replied "nobody ever said it to me".
      But dont ask me "why didn't you go forward then?" because I as a man MUST see if the woman wants more... and I can't see it!

    • That was a nice moment for her to realise that she is beautiful :)

      I wouldn't ask you to go forward, because that moment wasn't so much about you and her as about her seeing herself as attractive. Of course you need to see if she wants more before proceeding. That's the decent thing to do.

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  • Beautiful girls get told they are beautiful all the time. Often to a point where it means nothing and is just frustrating. A hundred guys have said the same thing before. She may think this is all you like about her.
    Instead compliment on something she values about herself; education, artistic ability, some cute quirk etc. It will mean a hell of a lot more to her.

    • but not this one. Men often used her :(

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