How to start a conversation with a strange girl?

I get nervous around girls... So any tips for how to start a convo. With a girl?

By strange I mean the girl I dont knw


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  • if you mean go up and talk to a random girl you don't know then a (plausible) reason why you're talking to her has to come up early in the conversation. It's easier to talk to ones nearby about something in the environment/situation you're in.

    It's best to practice on random girls first just to get used to talking to them before trying anything for serious. Like if you're at the bus stop ask someone if they know when the bus is coming. Or find the hottest girl in the vicinity, appear confused and ask for directions somewhere. The more you do it the easier it'll get. Train yourself so for anything you're wondering in any given situation, find a girl to ask.


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  • What so you mean strange? Are you talking about someone you don't know or someone who is weird?

    • Girl that I don't knw