I'm head over heels for her but she doesn't know?

We are friends but I don't know if she would ever see me as date potential. She will tease me often and playfully make fun of me. She told me she had started dating but I don't know if it's true as she likes to wind me up. But either way it's destroying me inside. Should I tell her? If she says know I will feel worst with the embarrassment of everyone knowing.

What should I do in this situation? And how should i do it?


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  • Maybe one time you could casually ask her a couple questions about the guy she is dating. If she isn't actually dating a guy, it will soon be pretty obvious.

    If she isn't dating a guy, then you can take some time to figure out how to ask her out.

    Why would everyone know if you asked her out and she said "no"? I've had guys ask me out before, I've said no thanks, and I didn't tell anyone about it out of respect for the guy who had asked me out. If a friend asked me out, I cared enough about his feelings to not let everyone know. This girl is a friend of yours? Even if she turns out not to care for you romantically, surely her care for you as a friend would prevent her from embarrassing you?

    • Thanks you have been rather helpful. I only worry she will tell others as she has told me about guys who have asked her out in the past.

    • So she has told you about guys who've asked her out before and she said no:
      1) Has that been in confidence, where you are the only guy she has told, trusting that you won't tell anyone else? Because I would take that as a sign that you are her confidant and that she really trusts you, which is a good thing, of course :)
      2) Also, just for myself, I remember having a long crush on a guy where I wanted to make it pretty clear to him that I had declined offers from other guys so that I would still be available for the person I truly like - expecting him to get the inference that that was him. I know now that a guy is unlikely to figure that out for himself, but maybe this girl hasn't learnt that yet? Maybe she is trying to tell you that she is keeping herself available for you.

      Or has she told you, but other people seem to know as well, suggesting that she has told not only you but a variety of others too? Because then she might tell others if you asked her out.

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