For Brains, or Brawn? (That's all for the title. But there is a 60-character quota, so I add this line as filler)?

Ladies, if there were only two types of men in the world, the brawny: with an IQ slightly below average, and the Brainy: Not much physical strength to speak of. IQ slightly above average; Who do you choose? (Only one, ladies lol)

In the Army we had a saying..."We can either be SMART or STRONG!" ... And STRONG & DUMB is easy to work with. They blindly follow orders, and they don't ask questions. I could probably order a strong soldier to march off a cliff. lol


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  • Brainy, DEF brainy :D

    • What makes the brain sexy for you?

    • OH GOD, everything lol. I would take brains over brawn ANY DAY. And not to toot my own horn, but i am a bit of a quick thinker, and to me, I really need someone who can keep up. I have experienced both, those who could, and those who couldn't and those who couldn't frustrated the hell outta me!

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  • Brawn. No contest.

  • This is a tough one. I'm going to say brawn because brains is only a little above average and not genius. U don't need to be that smart to do typical office work anyway. So its brawn.

    • I said slightly below average IQ. But I don't think you understand what "AVERAGE" or normal is. Normal range IQ is 85-115... So you are saying by this scale, "Id rather have brawn than brains" He has an IQ of 80 (Which is dull... very dull) But he probably benches his own weight.

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  • Seems the women always choose the brawn, hmmm, and then they all complain that men are Neanderthals...go figure...

    • Yeah, try this one: I also asked the question: "What do you see in him?" (asking girls what basically turns them on?) I think I got seven answers, ONE mentioned physical strength as an attribute. And she didn't quite dismiss the brain, however. They all seemed to value intelligence. Which put a smile on my face, because I think I sacrificed all of my "brawn" for the huge brain I own. lol The Irony: But according to this survey, women/girls prefer brawn to brains. They mostly are saying, "I'm smart enough to think for the two of us. Why would any woman not want an intellectual? We're great with money, family issues, diplomacy and problem solving. We have LIFE SKILLS. That to me holds more value than a strong idiot. But the women have spoken. It's brawn winning out."

    • I feel your pain lol. But I don't think given the option that I would trade in a high IQ for more muscle regardless of what the female respondents say. Let's face it, by the time you get old, everyone loses their brawn but not everyone loses their brain :)

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