Want to go out with a girl but her mom is extremely overprotective.?

I like this girl and I'd like to start going out with her, She would as well like to start going out with me but her mother is extremely over-protective and would freak out if she even saw me walking around with her outside of school.

The mom also usually keeps her inside the house without allowing her outside (unless accompanied by the mom or stepdad I assume).

My question I suppose has to deal with, What should I do in this situation? I like her quite a lot (emotions are stupid like that,) and would like to spend time with her but her mom seems to be able to get in the way at every turn. Before summer came along (and my summer job which is going to start taking up my weekday time) we would usually hang out with eachother around school, but that's obviously not a choice here anymore.

Ideas, Opinions, Thoughts?
P.S. She is 15 I am 17.

We have decided to go ahead and be officially Girlfriend/Boyfriend, the main dilemma of finding time to see her however remains.


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  • I don't know but the mom sounds like a real bitch.

    • She is from what i've heard/been told.

    • Consider thyself lucky you were the only one to answer at all.

      The issue has been resolved.

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