How to get out of the "Friend Zone"?

I really like this girl that I have been friends with for a while and when I told her how I feel, she says that she wants to be "just friends".


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  • Respect her wishes and see if things could change. One never knows if this could go Up.
    However, do yourself a favor and don't wait around on a whim and a pryaer, although you are probably Wishing it Could end up a match made in heaven, don't quit living the rest of your life.
    Good luck.xx


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  • See if she cares and concerned about u.. she will definitely try to understand ur feelings.. spend as much tym as u can wid her.. try to keep her happy... love will find its way along!!! All d best


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  • You most likely can't. Just stick to being friends or don't be friends anymore if you can't appreciate her friendship.

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