Thoughts on "The Talk" (Not sex you dolt)?

Do you like to have a talk about whether or not you consider yourself and your significant other are boyfriend/girlfriend, Or would you prefer to just have it all fall into place and him/her refer to the other as their BF/GF after several dates and and some obvious commitment on some level.

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  • It's easy for me to find it cheesey because I'm very self aware and prefer things to happen organically. But I also realize the importance of defining what we are and being on the same page. Assumptions kill the relationship when they aren't fulfilled.


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  • I tried to have the talk very early on because I was always the one-night fling (didn't sleep with them so they'd leave) and wanted to know if that was why he was with me to because guys think I'm easy. The talk never happened and we just let it happen. We are now engaged.


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