Talking to a girl on online dating and she just stops talking. What is this?

We're talking back and forth and asking each other questions and she just stops talking. What does this mean?


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  • Well there is plenty of reasons depending on age maybe she got her things taken away, she could be bored , or maybe if you text her to much she's annoyed, or maybe she needs time. I'd say text again if she doesn't answer give her time but it's hard to tell why she stopped (hope this helped)


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  • Happens all the time. Girls think it's easier to stop talking than step up and end it. If they ignore you, you'll go away.

    Sorry but just move on.

    • How long should I wait for her to respond before realizing she's not interested? It's only been 30 mins..

    • 30 minutes? Relax. I don't get worried until the next day - people get busy. Even if she saw your text and forgot about it, it's not necessarily a bad sign as long as she responds.

      Wait it out. If she responds, great. If not, just move on. But do not, under any circumstances, follow up your text with another one. Desperation is never attractive.

    • She got back to me and we're hitting it off