How can you tell the difference between a gut feeling and being paranoid?

I've asked the guy I'm talking to if he is talking to or interested in anyone else. He says he isn't, but I don't know if I believe him. He works in Afghanistan so the last time he was home there was another girl. I had a feeling there was someone else but never said anything. We've talked almost every day since he left in March, and he gets home next weekend. While I don't think he is talking to that one girl, I'm really worried he'll tell me again there is someone else he's interested in. I've asked him several times and he says he isn't. I can't tell if I'm paranoid because of what happened last time or if I don't believe him because of my gut instinct?


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  • I think you're having a little of both. I say give him the benefit of the doubt, but still be on your toes. Given the situation you have the right to be a little suspicious. You should also ask yourself if it's worth being interested in someone you have to worry about.


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