What will my ex think when he sees I took down my profile?

My ex and I dated briefly and broke up amicably. We decided to keep in contact, and have texted a few times. I'd like to try to be friends at least, but I ideally I'd like to get back together. Our texts have been kind, funny and mildly flirtatious. He's a good guy.

I dated a few guys after the break up, but didn't click with any of them. Due to my busy schedule in the coming months, as well as online dating burnout, I temporarily deactivated my profile.

It recently struck me that he may have noticed this, and I wonder how he might interpret it. I wonder if it might change the way he sees me and any possibility of getting together again.

I think he could interpret it in one of two ways. Which is more likely:

1. He thinks I am dating someone exclusively, and therefore may not approach me to date again. Yikes.

2. He thinks he dazzled me so much I gave up on dating altogether. Not.

Both are incorrect. Should I bring it up or wait till he notices? I did NOT take my profile down to get a reaction from him, just to do what's best for me now. However, it occurred to me this might impact how he feels about me and possibly dating again.


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  • Who cares - it's social media, not reality.