How do you tell one of your closest guy friend of yours, that you have known for 3 years, that you're in love with him?

I know this sounds corny but it's really true. I have known this guy for the past 3 summers and he became one of my closest friends. We had met 3 months before I ended up moving across the US. Regardless of the distance, we have managed to keep in consistant contact throughout the past 3 years. We talk at least once every other week. I talked more to him than I do to any other friends that I had back where I moved from. When we talked, we talked about everything that was going on in our lives - there have even been times where we had even discussed what could have happened with us if I had not moved (the ideas of us dating and what not). I don't think he understands how strong my feelings are for him. This July he is flying out here just to see me! I want to tell him that I am and that I have always been in love with him, but I don't know how.


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  • Talk about personal life and just kiss him. Don't take this as a joke. You have been in each others lives for 3 years and even if he didn't like it he wouldn't be mad at you. This is what I did with my New Girlfriend. I never regretted anything.

    • We are aware we have feelings for each other, its just i don't know if he feels the exact same way that I do. But thanks !

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    • Feel free to make me the most helpful comment! :D

    • XD thanks!

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  • Ask him if he likes you. Small questions like... Do he finds you attractive..ask if he is into someone else. And ask if he was in the same town will he date you.

    • the funny thing is we have already discussed that. like there are a lot of complications behind our situation, but its clear we both have feelings for each other. he has previously told me that he did have feelings for him and that he wish he would have dated me.

    • Sounds like a win win then. I believe it will all come together when time permits. Just don't change when you guys do actually make it official.

    • i have a feeling it won't be official anytime soon considering i live in california and he lives in illinois

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  • the fact he is flying over for you, must mean he feels something, but to be on the safe side i'd tell him before he comes, as it otherwise could get real awkward. just call him up and tell him how you feel :)

    • so as ridiculous as this sounds, I was hoping to tell him whe both him and I were like partying or after we partied one night when we were messed up on something. but i can understand what you're saying. how do you initiate a conversation like that though?

    • that could be an option too, but it'd probably still be awkward if he doesn't feel the same way.

      the best way to start a convo like that, as corny as it sounds is to say you've had something on your mind for a while and that you really want to get it of your chest. :)

    • its best to be direct and straight forward

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