First dates?

What should you NOT DO on the first date? Anything.


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  • -Obsess about their exes. This will demonstrate possessiveness and jealousy and may raise a red flag.

    -Talk about yourself non-stop; ask about them, their interests, family, work.

    -Talking about your exes

    -Babble- take a breath, let them speak too

    -Whining about things. Dates should be fun, not about listening to your problems whatever they are about!

    -Start talking about sex. As a woman, it's a good idea to hold something back. Men like the chase and while most men will take what is on offer, they may not come back for seconds if it was too easily obtainable. If you want to be the girl he respects, say no on that first date.

    -Say you want to meet their parents or start talking about marriage and babies.

    You never can really prepare for a first, just go with the flow!

    Mainly stay classy and polite! Be yourself and just have fun!


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  • Don't mention any of the following three things: politics, religions, or exes.

    • Cool. thanks

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    • Ok. I will. : )

    • Exactly what I was going to say! Haha.

      Glad someone else knows this.


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  • Don't talk much about salary or anything. Don't want to seem like that's all you're looking for. And what NMMan politics, religions, or exes.

    Good luck =]