Have you ever been physically attracted to the Oppose sex then lose all interest for physical reasons?

There have been a few occasions with me.

- I was really attracted to a few girls. Then later, I find out how conceited in her own appearance is. Another girl would post pictures of herself on her Facebook and guys would hoggle her, obviously because she thought she was stunning and I didn't feel like even giving her compliments anymore. She just became completely unattractive to me

- There was a girl I liked, then she started going the gym, she ended up looking really muscular with contours all over her body and abs

- I prefer natural girls but another girl ended up tattoo'ing herself and i just wasn't interested anymore.

Without sounded shallow, i guess these are just simple preferences of mine. Whats yours?


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  • I think that's totally normal... I actually like that you're not changing yourself for the girl.

    • I don't get why some girls ruin their body with ink though. And many girls think looking really muscular looks good... It doesn't

    • I see where you're coming from, I don't get it either. But some people do think it's really sexy for girls to have tattoos :P

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  • yeah, when they acted mean and rude.
    also when they started looking aged.

  • This guy got a haircut and it just totally killed the attraction.

    • You're cute on a side note lol. But that seems weird. He can grow it back

    • Logically I knew that his hair would grow back in a couple months, but he just looked so different. His messy, curly hair is part of what I found so charming about him.

What Guys Said 2

  • I agree with all those. Add to that piercings and those new fucking tribal discs/toggles bullshit.

  • Yeah. I've approached women I found attractive in the past to be repulsed by either their voice/accent or bad breath.