How do you know that you're in love?

What feeling do you get?
How do you be sure?
&& Why do you feeling nervous?


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  • stare at u alot, talk, joke, touch acciendtly, pay all his attention to u, respct u, help u wth anythng u ask for,

    nervous? because u want him to say his feelings first, be with him evrytime bt u cant, think of him alot,
    i remember i dreamed about him fro 3 times! i can't miss a single day without thinking about him

    Happy, exciting feeling, nervus also! :)


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  • When you're in love you just know. I'm sure everyone has different feelings when they realize they are in love. You're nervous because you're hoping that that person loves you too. When I first realized I was in love I was happy all of the time.

  • When you are able to fuse with the guy like DBZ status, that's how u know you are in love. Because you have become one with the person. So do the whole pose thing

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