I like this guy. What should I do now?

There's a guy I've started to become friends with recently. I text him occasionally and he uses a lot of smiley faces and we have good conversations when we text. I might hang out with him and some other friends during the summer, but it's likely that I won't see him in person until next school year. I've really started to develop a crush on him, but I don't know what to do about it.


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  • I'm afraid u gotta get impossibly brave and text him. Easy for me to say but I'm not even so brave myself. U gotta find some excuse to see him tho -- the summer is the best time to hang out.
    I'm afraid u've gotta let him know somehow that u like him -- like Anon said, flirt a bit and give him every opportunity to flirt back. U'll hafta b a little brave. Maybe ask him if he likes to flirt with girls maybe, if he's not getting it. Ask him who he likes! Lol!
    If he doesn't get u'r message still, u cud ask him to meet and have a coffee or an ice-cream or something. Some guys can b a bit slow.

    • Do you think you would understand that a girl likes you if she asked you who you like?

    • Tbh, I mightn't get it from that question. But it's a start into conversation about that kinda thing. Personal stuff. I think I'd find it a bit kinda flirtatious.

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  • You can lead him to ask u out by u can give him hints like ask him who he likes u can flirt with him.


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