How do I know if he's serious about us?

So we've been together for quite some time now and he seems serious about it, he planned a future with me in it? I know I'm still young but omg haha I'm excited! But is he really really serious?


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  • You have told us exactly nothing about this guy. Therefore, we have no idea if he's serious about you or not.

    • Haha sorry! I'll start from how it all began. I moved to a new house so I had to move to a new school. On the first day, I didn't really made any friends, and so I felt miserable so I decided not to come in the second day of school haha, why am I telling you this okay let's just fast forward. I don't know him at all we're strangers to each other. So I came early to class and there was just three guys in the classroom. I sat down at my place and then he came up to me and said " hey um you gotta go to the hall bcs all the girls in our class are supposed to be there bcs of PE" I was shocked bcs I find him really attractive and is he for real is this a joke? He's talking to me? Haha so I went down and all and the next day he came up to me again, he does this every day but only once a day to ask me more about myself or just trying to find an excuse to talk to me ; he asked for my scissors he asked where I'm taking tuition classes at. So later on I found out that he likes me and we started

    • We started texting each other then I don't know everything just went by fast, we just clicked. Haha now here we are, he's a great guy and he tells me that he's never loved anyone like this and that he'll never leave me. He once cried bcs he thought I was gonna leave him

    • Ah, young love.

      Even though you still haven't really said anything about HIM (you've only related a couple of limited interactions) - I DO remember what it was like to be that age, and I think he's probably quite serious about you, for the moment, at least. As serious as you are about him, at any rate.

      Whether things stay that way will depend on his personal level of integrity, and yours. The wonderful, happy, giddy feelings that you're having are caused by your brain flooding itself with chemicals called "endorphins" - and that magical lovey feeling will eventually fade into one that's both familiar and comfortable, but no longer exciting like it used to be. That's the stage at which most relationships fail, because people don't understand why the "spark" doesn't last.

      Whether you last beyond that point will depend on his dedication to the relationship, and yours.

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  • it all depends upon him..of he proves you that he is serious then yeah