Should I call her or wait it out?

About three weeks ago, I met a girl through a female friend. The hot details are in my previous question, but the gist is that we liked each other from the first time we saw each other, and since then my only 'communication' with her was through my friend who was relaying information back and forth (supposedly in secret; we are far more bonded with my friend than she is with my crush) because they where having finals and she didn't move out of her house. Time came for us to meet two days ago in a group. Well, the situation was well-defined from the beginning: we teased each other all the time, and although she is shy, she wouldn't leave me alone for a split second -not that I had a problem with that!-, doing things like taking my beer and calling me an alcoholic or taking my nose. The tension led, of course, to us kissing.

I have a very good feeling about this. She is the *first* girl I get to meet that likes poking fun as much as I do, and boy do I enjoy it. There's a small age gap -she is 18 and I'm 22- but it doesn't seem to be a problem as she is mature enough to keep up with me and I'm a child at heart, so we are a match made in heaven. The only issue is...she is far shier, far more inexperienced than me (not that I'm a master) and she said conflicting things to my friend. For example, when we met with them, my friend took me somewhere and told me she doesn't want a relationship. After we spent a little time together, my friend took me away AGAIN and told me she reconsidered, but is afraid she isn't good enough for me. Yeah, bollocks, she is perfect!

So my concern now is how soon I should make contact. She is obviously a bit unstable/unsure, so I'm torn between not being taken for granted and not letting her think I don't like her. My first instincts are to call her today, see what she's up to, and maybe suggest we go for a walk together, but I'd like another opinion.

Thank you in advance, people!


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  • Hi guy. Come on... all that "messenger friend" is not going to help you. Stop having someone acting as a "messenger pigeon".
    If you like this girl and you feel she likes you back, just call her out on a date! Take her out for dinner, be nice to her, say how beautiful she looks.
    Don't waste time with insecurities and doubts. ;-)


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  • CatInlove said it perfectly. Call her! You know she is very shy, you have to make the move, DO IT! Don't worry about the age difference, nothing wrong there either.

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