How do I kindly tell her that I don't want to sleep with her, because she's currently sleeping with other men?

I started going on dates with a girl to whom I really do like. We've been on quite a few dates, and she's been honest about her having dated other men while seeing me. I understood that she was wanting to look around, and to be fair. I went along with it for a little while.
After 10 dates. We end up getting to the point of being on her door step, and she asked me to come in. Well, we both knew what this meant, and I told her I couldn't, because I had to work later that evening (a lie, but I do often have late conference meetings with foreign clients.). So, I got out that situation for the time being.
During that last encounter. She had mentioned that night that she had been sleeping with one of the other guys that she was also seeing. At this point, I realized it wasn't what I was looking for, and now need help to kindly tell her that I don't date those kind of girls.

What would you suggest as to how I should approach the situation?


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  • Ten dates that's a lot she should of made up her mind by now. Say something along the times I'm not sleeping with you if you sleeping with other guys. Be straightforward and honest if she really cares for you and this "relationship" she will cut it out... But it seems like she likes stringing the guys along..

    • This opinion makes sense :)

    • I agree with you as this seems to be the case of her stringing me along. I let it slide, because she has quite a few good traits, but that doesn't personally mend the situation. Thinking that I'll just have to tell her the truth, and be on my way.

    • Thanks for mh. Well hopefully everything works out for you.

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  • Just be honest, because really I wouldn't guy who was sleeping with other girls while he was seeing me either.

    • I'm going to have to face her sooner or later. I think you're right about just saying my peace and then moving on.

    • Well in the future, just be upfront about this with other girls, because maybe she assumed you didn't want something exclusive, so at least tell her that you're sorry and that you didn't realize it then but you do now.

  • There is no kind way of telling her she's a ho.

    • Be as blunt and un sugarcoated as possible so she can stop her ways if she cares to not be considered nasty.

    • That funniest part is that she's a school teacher, a mentor (for kids at school), goes to a catholic church, comes from a great family, and still ends up like this. I'm going to have to cut it off, but am I damned for wanting a nice respectable woman?

  • Bich u a ho leave me alone foo

    • lol, that's harsh, but to the point. Love it.

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  • There's no kind way to tell her. There's the straight up way.

    "I understand you want to date around and keep your options open, but this isn't the way I do things. Best of luck to you." Or something like that.


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