Girls: would you personally date/have sex with a guy with a hot body but ugly face?

I've asked this question yesterday but realized the wording was not appropriate. It allowed for hypotheticals like: yes (but not me etc.) Trying to get more accurate answers.

I've been working out for a few years now (it helps with mood, confidence etc.) , i have a pretty ripped body (think lean male model or fitness trainer), the problem is that this sort of physique is not very noticeable when clothes are on.

Lately i've been thinking of hitting the gym and getting bigger (but also keeping defined).

I ask this because i can alternatively use that time to better my programming skills and focus on my career more.

Please be 100% honest, it would help me a great deal in this choice and i would not waste time in the gym and be productive instead.

So , would you personally date or have sex with a guy with an ugly face but a great body?

Also, i'm not a player, i'm looking for something serious but have no luck.

I won't ask that about money, because i already know the answer lol. I know girls with hot bodies but ugly faces have no trouble getting men, but it does not seem to work for men...

Also please explain why your answer is an yes or no, describe the process if you will..

Thanks in advance.

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  • no. body means nothing to me.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Honestly no.
    I'm not all about appearance, but when it comes to the face yessss you have to have a beautiful face. I'd choose a face over body anytime. Because your body you can always work on and get fit...but a face that is naturally beautiful is the best. I can't see myself having sex with a guy with a hot body but not so good of a face..

  • The face is really important for me but if you have a great body with an equally great personality then I will definitely start thinking a lot about it. That's my honest opinion. Personality and confidence is huge it's like the equivalent to make up on women. Trust me it can take you far, so work on it.

    • That may be true for women looking to settle down, but those in my age group simply don't care about those things..

    • Don't make excuses if you have something u can control, u should use it to the best of your ability.

  • I would not. The face is slightly more important than the body, in my opinion. But beauty is subjective. I've seen lots of buff ass dudes with ugly faces that had tons of girls drooling over them.


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  • I m sexy
    Nd sexy body!