I'm seeing a guy right now, but my ex says I can do better. Could I?

I told my ex that the guy I'm seeing is working in retail and maybe would like to get into the cab business, he doesn't have a car (his transmission broke), but he has a license.
My ex is an electrician and is financially stable and drives.

I want a guy that has a good manly job (office work is ok, but retail is the worse. Driving a cab, maybe better because he'll get $100 a day.) Also want a guy that is financially stable too. This guy that I'm seeing is really handsome and very charming and says he would do anything for me.

I like money, but a guy has to be financially stable too. He said he would like to get married, so he'll need to have money to get a house. Yet, I'm not sure if he owns a credit card, I don't myself. So we both wouldn't be able to live anywhere.
I'm a caregiver right now for the elderly and make $400 a week and I also have my own business pet sitting. The money varies with the pet sitting because sometimes I'll just be pet sitting for 3 days or a week and it also depends on how many pets they have.


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  • I doesn't matter who you are with. There will always be someone else a little hotter, little taller, a little more money, and so on. The biggest thing to do is what you feel is right and what you want, not what your friends, or an ex says.


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