Should you prove yourself to a guy of your liking him, if he has been burned bad by woman? by the way he is shy and hurt. Girl and Guys please?

For instance...

He's been hurt real bad by every woman he's ever dated. They either cheated on him, or used him.

He is very shy, since he was a kid.

He shows you all the non verbal signs and body gestures that he is attracted to you.

You have been given insider information from his closest confidants about his feelings for you and his fear of being hurt again.

You guys are friends, but you really like him for more.

How can you advance out of the "friend zone". And prove to him that he can trust you with his heart and that you genuinely care for him, because he makes you feel shy yourself?

Thanks Guys For The help!


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  • I'm shy, but I have never dated, and all my potential attempts at romance failed, so I'm not sure how good my advice would be.

    I guess what I would say is that the "happy moments" have to be consistent. If he believes that any of his actions around you were sub-par and dwells on them, it will make him more shy.
    I think the key is, that you make him feel, like there is a good reason, for you to believe in him, if that makes sense.

    • Yes Be consistent in my friendship with him constantly re confirming by showing in my actions how much I care about him.

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    • :)
      I'm rooting for this!

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