Internet Dating Tips?

I've tried internet dating but the girls often stop emailing me after a few messages.

There might be no chemistry in some of the cases, but is there anything I can do (or avoid doing) that can keep things going and improve the odds of meeting face-to-face?


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  • Be different.

    If you're meeting girls from off dating site then chances are you are NOT the only male suitor that has come knocking on her email address, so you have to stick out of the crowd. Wow her right off the bat with correct spelling and display of knowledge and depth. A good medium length kept light conversation wise will keep her interested, no wall of text describing your life starting in the womb but no "Hey, hit me up" either. Jonlife hit it right on the head with his comment; girls love to talk about themselves and if you're a willing and active listener then they'll thrive off the attention.

    Also after the first two emails or so try and move the conversation to another medium. AIM is a good tool for quick and easy conversation which most people have and it's much less work than emailing back and forth- and also gives the opportunity to touch upon many different subjects rather than go into nauseating depth trying to stretch out one via email. From there subtlely ask if she'd be comfortable talking on the phone; hearing each other's voices can simulate the senses and make you stand out in her mind plus it's a good way to test the waters on whether or not she's looking for something with a bit more commitment then just online (most girls won't just give their phone number to anyone). Though you also have to have the taste to know when it's a lost cause. If after 15 or so emails or over two weeks and she doesn't seem interested in contacting out of email she most likely isn't interested.


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  • Hey! I've tried that! EHarmony! That's where I've met my guy, some nice people there, but then again a lot of ugly jerks and weirdos. Talk on the internet like you would talk to her face to face. Be yourself, and add some humor in there. It makes the person more interesting. Tell her that you are not sure you both need to meet, because you want to know her better. And if you both do meet, make sure your friends are there, so she's not weird or a future stalker. Good luck!

    • As someone who has done internet dating, I was going to say the same thing. Write to them as you would talk, and be perfectly natural. I'm glad to hear that there are others who have found true love online. I sometimes feel like I'm the only one.

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  • It is hard to say without knowing what you put into those first couple of emails. Perhaps you are adding a lot of unnecessary information?

    I doubt that Internet dating is much different than regular dating in the sense of the initial phone calls or get together so my advice is,

    Keep it light. No heavy life altering stories about Lassie dying in your arms.

    Keep it brief. People's attention is not what it used to be.

    Leave them wanting more. Close on a high note, with some interesting event perhaps, but tell them "Enough about me, tell me about yourself a bit. "

    Remember, electronic communication is not very personal as it is very hard to establish chemistry or read the person as you have no other visual or aural cues about the person so try to show them your fun side and keep it light and just have fun. If you are worried about wowing the other person too hard then it may come across in the emails and most girls don't want someone who seems desperate.

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