Girls: Preferred relationship time commitment?

How much time would you want to spend with someone in the early stages of a relationship? How often would you want to go out vs. staying in and hanging out? Think college, so both fairly busy with school, jobs, and other activities. And please don't say all the time, because while you may want to be with the person all the time, I'm talking what is a healthy amount that won't make either person feel smothered. Thanks for the opinions:)


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  • Since were talking about college and job busy schedules, that we would already be a part some due to scheduling. We have to make time, so its hard to put an exact time but i would say I would try to spend as much free time as i could with him. Like if we went to the library together, gym or just a short walk or lunch somewhere, just any little moments we could get. Lol if were so tired, we could nap together lol least we be next to each other. I do get there would have to be some time for just one on one with ourselves so we have to pencil that in our schedules too lol sounds exhausting lol but it be worth it. Lol


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