What should I do I need help I got cheated on?

I met this girl a while back and we've got off and kissed and cuddled all night a few times nothing serious but our feelings towards each other are serious but last night at her after prom she claims to have been drunk and ended up kissing a boy and waking up next to him but she says nothing happened but I don't know what to believe I feel like I've been created on but she didn't realise she was doing it all what should I do I need help like immediately because I don't want to lose her she means the world to me


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  • Alright so first off you aren't dating so it not cheating. It's just kind of crappy. At least she was honest about it. She means a lot to you right? Tell her you want to make it offical. And that she can't be getting smashed when you aren't around since she tends to lose it. She can have fun just not tore up without you. Cause if your lips aren't there for her to kiss at that moment another guys lips will be. Alright now about your emotional heart. Calm down. It's not that serious. Don't get so invested just yet, you are putting way too much emotion in this too soon. You are young enjoy the relationship but don't get so hurt by her being irresponsible. "Forgive" her and start an actual relationship. And don't forget to do it right.

    • Thank you I will do everything I can for her and I will be able to speak to her when she comes down on Wednesday so I will ask her out in person because fuck asking over Facebook or text it's not the same

    • Damn scrate!

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  • If you don't want to lose her the only thing you can do is to forgive her but it's going to be hard because that's going to always be in the back of your mind. In my opinion she knew what she was doing. Being drunk is no excuse. She wanted to kiss that guy. But hopefully that's all she did.

    • I can't lose her she is special to me and he mate said she has done it before because she drinks to block out memories of what happened when she was a kid and she gets carried away and ends up really drunk but I don't think she realise she did it but she rang me straight away when everyone left and told me she was sorry but I don't feel like I can forgive her but at the same time I want to

    • If she's special to you then you have to try your best to forgive her and tell her how you feel about it. Have that talk because if you don't then you probably won't be able to actually forgive her.

  • I think if she is the one who told you about the cheating, it might be true she was drunk and made a mistake. She probably feels bad about it and is not a bad girl. In this case, you can talk it out with her and try to get more details. You can decide on whether she is worth forgiving after hearing her out.

    • She is worth everything I love her and I would risk everything for her but Its the first time I've ever come across a girl who kissed another guy (I don't usually talk to girls that often because I would prefer to date someone who cares about me like she does)

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    • Also thanks for everything we are together now so thank you so much I wish there were more people in the world like you

    • You are welcome! I am glad to hear things are working out. Have fun!

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  • It's "nothing serious" but she means the world to you. Which is it really? If you two are not official boyfriend and girlfriend it's not really cheating and is more about how emotionally invested you are and how she may not be.

    • She means the world to me and she rang me about ten minutes ago and told me she loved me and she was sorry and she won't do it again so do I stay with her out do I move on

    • This seems like a buncha aimless drama now. She lied to you and now admits it. She's nothing but trouble but you're so emotionally invested that your judgment's gonna be clouded anyway. Good luck with it all.

    • Thanks for your opinion

  • If you have see yourself forgiving her completely while moving on and never thinking about it again and never holding it against her...then do that. If you don't, you will resent her sooner or later if you aren't already doing so. You might even cheat later just because that line has been crossed.

    Forgive completely or Break up.

    Won't be easy getting over it, but it's healthier.

    • Thanks and if I stay I won't cheat at all and yeah it's gonna hurt both of us if we can't move on with it and forget but that is life we learn f from our mistakes and try to carry on and get on with life

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