Would she appreciate it during a fairly stressful and worrying time?

This girl I've been seeing now for about a month and a half has recently told me that because of work, family issues and distance, she feels that she doesn't want to commit to a serious relationship just yet, which I can completely understand. She's been under a lot of stress recently with troubles at work and with her mum waiting for an operation and I want to comfort her and allow her to take her mind off things and have fun with me. Should I ask her if she wants to hang out or would that be a bit out of place?


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    Just like, let her know you're available. She'll come to you if she wants.

    • She's always said to me though that she would never ask the guy out though, on dates and hanging out and stuff, so I feel like I need to initiate something here

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    • I guess that's what it is. I've never really felt this way about a girl before and i'm worried that my lack of experience with this kind of stuff is messing things up for me. Things have gone well so far apart from a few things and in hindsight I would've done things so much better than I handled them at the time. I don't want to settle for just a friend, I've played that role too much in my life

    • You need more than 1 girl at a time. It makes it so much easier.

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  • Seems like she lost interest. If she really liked you she would make time :( :( :( Tell her to shit or get off the pot!

    • She's a best friend of one of my friends and she would've told my friend straight up that she wasn't interested anymore in me, and then she would've told me to save me time and heartbreak. I can't tell her to shit or get off the pot at a time like this, i'm just digging my own grave and pressuring her

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