Should I be in a relationship with a guy like this?

he's really sweet and all but lately he's avoided me because he said he didn't wanna get too attached since he's going to panama for a month. weve been dating for 4 months now. But he's been pushing me away and treating me like just a friend and last night we talked about everything and he apologized for the way he was acting and how he hurt me.he said he wanted a break while he was in panama bc we can't talk anyways. so since I've been his longest relationship he said he wanted the break because he's never been committed with someone that long. but i feel like he's not mature enough yet or has had experience. so i dont know if i should still be together with someone like that?


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  • I don't know if he's older or younger than you but if he's older I might wait till he comes back before making a decision like that because from what I hear girls in Panama are freeks for sex. I don't know if this is actually true or not but if it is maybe he's just being responsible in knowing that a long distances relationship would never work with girls like that around him all the time cause thats a lot of temptation to avoid all day long every day for a month. So by braking up he doesn't have to feel responsible for cheating on you. Which is a really good quality in a guy cause most wouldn't say a word and cheated on who ever they are with. But if he's younger then you might want to think about about breaking up with him cause girls thened to mature a lot quicker then guys do and relationships don't usely last anyway

    • he's the same age but i asked if he was gonna do anything over there and he said no that he's not looking for a relationship, he's just visiting family so I don't know

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    • I am from panama myself, and no.. Girls here are not freeks for sex‚Ķ.

      Sure.. If u want to date a slutty girl.. But thats in every country.

    • Thats different then cause that means he likes you but doesn't know how to handle it cause he's never been put in that position before the only advice I can give is to let him go to Panama and work things out in his head for himself and hope that he doesn't have any outside destaction clouding up his judgments. Then maybe you can work on what ever problem he might have with you and him self cause I've been there and trust me it not a nice postion to be in and it makes it worse when everyone else trys to give you ickvice

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