If a guy starts to get sexual with you, does that mean?

Hey there, I have this really close guy friend who I have known for about a good 2 years now. We're really close and we tell each other everything. He even started telling me he loves me a few months ago. He's usually the sweetest thing but lately, he's starting to get...frisky :/ we already were doing small things like holding hands and cuddling and kissing a little. But now he's starting to get really sexual with me. It just makes me wonder if he really does care about me and love me, but he can't help it he's sexually attracted to me. Or was he just pretending to care about me to get to that one thing. Or maybe I'm just being insecure because I was comfortable with the way we were. I don't know! I don't have much guy experience. I just need a little advice :(


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  • Ohmaigod. A guy whom loves you is starting to get sexual, and you've already been kissing and laying in bed together? Unimaginable. I can't believe the gall on this guy.


    If you're not comfortable with it, just say so. Tell him, otherwise he'll assume that the closeness that you already have means more closeness is better.

    I can't tell you whether or not he is really in love with you. No one can. The decision *YOU* have to come to is whether or not you're ready for something more or not. If you're not, just let him know and he'll more than likely be okay with that. If he's not, then he might just be interested in sex and not you. Of course, every guy on the planet *IS* interested in sex, along with most of the women. And I can tell you, one way or another, he wants to bang. If he loves you, he wants to bang. If he just wants sex, he wants to bang. Like, have you ever heard of humans?

    So, of course he might be a bit frustrated because he had thought things were going well, then suddenly you seem like you aren't as far as he is.

    I'll say this, though, even the nicest guys are going to get frustrated after too long.

    To a guy, in general, if you've been continuously escalating the level of intimacy, what's the next logical step? A little bit more intimacy, obviously. Especially if it's been awhile that you've been close. The same way some women view marriage as the next logical step. And women will get frustrated after too long because of that, as well; probably sex for some of them, too.

    Everyone's different, so take everything I say here as speculation. I don't know the guy, so I can't say for sure how he's going to react or what his intentions are.

    If you're not ready for it, let him know.


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  • well, he knows you for 2 years ! how longer do you expect a guy to wait? i guarantee you, he was considering you for sex from the start. i think he wanted to get clear about his feelings to not hurt you and now he is.


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