Girls, what do you think about guys who have features that make them look like an animal> like a monkey, or any other animal? still date them?

So what do you girls think of when you see guys who look like they have features like monkeys or other animals? of course humans came from the primate lineage, I believe that it was a line of chimpanzees if I remember correctly.

anyways what do you think about guys that have a similar head shape or face, or big ears or whatever? do you still date them or do you not notice that stuff much anymore? do you find it more cute or hot than other types of faces or what?

and guys what do you think of girls who have features like this?


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  • There's this one dude whos features reminded me of a wolf I don't know why but I thought he was hot


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  • I personally think it's more about their personality than looks so if they make you feel special and love you the right way it doesn't matter what they look like but that's just me (:


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