Girls my age don't like me. Should I give up?

Girls my age 21-25 don't like me and are very standoffish and care more about money and a possible family in the near future.

Girls 16-21 are much nicer/funner to me and treat me like a person, and women 25+ are just looking to get married.

I'm 23 and i know i'm good looking. Women tell me to my face that, but i'd rather date someone my age but they think i'll just cheat on them or something.

Do i give up?

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  • Age group 21-25. Keep trying
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  • Age group 25+. Mature women are smarter
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Now that i think about it, i've only ever had one formal girlfriend and that was in highschool.

Girls after highschool just wanted Friend with Benefits for some reason.
You guys win. I give up.


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  • Give up ,,,,

    • are there any redeeming qualities in women my age or do they just get older?

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    • This situation is like Iraq. I'm pulling out.

    • ;) thank you for mh asker

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  • Don't date people too much younger. At least don't date someone underage. I think ask a girl on multiple dates and tell her you will remain faithful for them, even without a relationship. That will help any girl who flees because they don't think you will commit. I had a thing 2 years ago with two guys, extremely hot and good at charming women. Because of that I held back, I didn't trust them... But now they have both been in long term relationships for over a year. I missed out, but the point is they both convinced someone to take a chance on them, I am sure there is at least someone out there willing to take the same chance on you and searching outside of age group is more likely to cause problems and be harder. Keep going, good luck

    • I give one weeks notice of where i will be, and what i'm going to do because of the way my scheduling works. My job makes me a good bullshitter so i'm very charming, and God made me good looking.

      Yet because i'm good looking and charming, i'm automatically a cheater when i'm not with you?

      I've dated girls like you. It's frustrating.

      I ask for fairness and trust in a relationship. Women my age don't give that to me. They stomp and test me, and try to put me over the edge. All i can do, is walk away.

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    • If I were to have dated them they would have proven themself by asking me out. It was their lack of wanting to ask me on a date that put my alerts up.
      You are being incredibly judgmental about me right now. I am trying to help, and continue trying to help, so can you please try and see what I am trying to say and not read into something else?
      As to your so-called 'logic'; I don't give a damn how much money someone makes, what their job is, their education level and looks only matter to the extent that I find them attractive or not. I think the areas you should be trying to be appealing in are caring, values, interests.
      Also don't tell me I sit on my thumbs all day... you don't have any idea what I do. In fact, I love my job, I work hard, and it gives me satisfaction and fulfilment. If I were to tell you what it was I think you'd be somewhat impressed, but I don't think people should care so much about what people do, as long as it is something they want to do

    • Also, these guys I mentioned; they slept around something crazy. That is why 'asking' on a date would prove to me that I wasn't just someone in a long line of people they just wanted for sex

  • What ever you can find, go for it.
    Though if you feel the girl you find is more into money, marriage and family, let them know that first you want to get to know them well and go on dates before getting on serious terms. It's just like women over their 20s start thinking they'll be alone for ever, so they need to know they are not going to waste their time one someone that wants nothing serious. I mean, they are not getting any younger. I think it's all about understanding and communicating.
    You're needs. Her needs. Just need to find a middle ground. Balance things up.

    • I've tried to balance but i can't find it.

      All they do is push and push for more. It's like Germany 1938.

      And in the end, it's not even me they want, its the idea of the life they would have with me that makes it so sad.

      Wine and dining an 18 year old involves going to the local Uburger on Park Ave, goofing off in the park, and watching Hunger Games.

      Wine and dining girls my age, is a lot of games for no reason because of self insecurity about what apparently i want to take from them. I'm not a thief, i believe in fairness so WTF?

    • Then try 18+ but -21
      Where they don't have that much rush to commitment.
      And I get you. I understand marriage and family is something very serious to rush.
      I wouldn't want to rush things either.
      I would like to go on dates a lot, maybe travel together. You know, make memories when we were young. So yeah.
      What ever makes you happy (:

  • My advice is to NOT date anyone much younger than you if you're looking for a long term serious relationship. People change over time and a lot of this change happens when people are younger. Though it may not apply to EVERYONE, if you start dating someone much younger, chances are they are also going to be less sure about where they're going to be a few years later, have less career development, and less financial stability. Make practical choices if you're looking for more than just a date.
    You haven't really told anyone here how you're looking for people to date now and what you're looking for in a relationship. Are you just looking ate people in your classes? Are you just looking for a casual relationship? More information would help.

    • I tried girls from class, girls i meet while i'm out doing errands, girls through my social groups, and girls from my charity work. It always ends the same.

      If its friends with benefits it starts that way, then they start getting controlling even though they're the ones that start the relationship that way. If i try to make it formal, they still think i'm cheating because i have to live my own life

      If it's more formal, it devolves down to our "future" where the woman in question dictates how everything goes. If i try to put my foot down, it devolves down to me figuring out she's in it for "her future" lifestyle. I won't used.

      I just want a relationship like i had in highschool. Where money and problems didn't matter and we had a title of boyfriend and girlfriend. Where we spent time together and actually cared about it each other.

      Is that so hard to ask?

  • they might be thinking that you will cheat on men of your age because maybe they might consider you as immature

    • I'm not immature, i would consider myself a young professional.

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    • as long as you feel at ease with younger females i think that you should go for it (like 21years) because women of your age or 25years consider you as not serious/immature

    • I'm not worried about being serious or immature or commitment.

      it's just annoying how the first question women my age ask me on a date is,
      So what do you do?

      You might well just do an audit on my taxes right then and there

  • You should stay with girls 18+ because it's legal and appropriate. You will find a girl, trust me.

    • 16 is legal age of consent where i live.

      It's not about finding a girl. I have options.

      It's about finding the right girl.

    • Well if it is legal, go for it.

    • hmmm i will consider. i'd rather be with a girl my age but girls my age are different. all of them just want no strings attached. maybe it's just educated women

  • Go for younger girls who gives a damn. If that's what makes you happy and they actually show interest in you

  • I feel the same guys my age range never seemed interested in me or the few treated me like I wasn't a priority

    You can't wait forever so date whoever you want

    • i feel bad for you. Men my age group only care about video games, and stupid things.

      I forced myself to quit everything that i thought was a waste of time.

    • video games are fun , it's not a waste of time unless you're doing that instead of more important things like school, work or cooking etc

  • I vote give up you seem nice but narrow the age group to 18-22 it an age group closer 2 ur age im 18 nvr had a date been kised or any of that

    • i don't get it. You're 18 and a girl, how could you not get a kiss or bf by now?

      I had my first everything by 14. If you're ugly, get rid of it. I was obese once, took me 8 months of running and working out to get rid of it.

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    • I have tried just no one want 2 date the tall fat girl with glasses. Im used 2 being bullied it seems guys my age are superfical and care avout apperances I learned that the hard way kore then once

    • More stupid tablet u b ave to get used 2 it

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  • You'd rather date someone your age yet you know they all want money, a house, and a family. And you know that they're more of the jealous, needy, clingy type. You have to accept that you might have to go for girls around 16-21. Personally I'd say go for 18-23.

    • You make a good point.

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    • I could see that lol.

  • "I'm 23 and i know i'm good looking. Women tell me to my face that"

    Women lie to your face all the time because they don't want to tell you the ugly truth and feel guilty about it when they hurt your feelings. Take any compliment a woman gives you with a heavy grain of salt unless it's an unsolicited compliment.

    At your age I'd shoot for anything between 18-23.

    • I have never asked a girl out in my life.
      I didn't ask a girl out for prom.
      All my relationships in college with FWB.
      I have had many female stalkers, and been sexually harassed by women on the train several times.

      I don't know what an attractive guy looks like, but i must be doing something. or nothing.

    • Ya ducky, you're clearly jooooooooooooocy. Just enjoy it. Smash the prime girls.

  • Don't give up...keep on "taking shots" at girls.

    You're gonna eventually get one, don't be one of those lame guys that completely gives up!

  • Do what you want. Enjoy your god damn life. You only get one. Do what you enjoy. Girls will see that you are your own man who does whatever the fuck he likes to do and they will be drawn to that.

  • Dude 16-21. This is what I do. It works.

    • The marriage and money types can go fuck themselves.

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    • Whoaaaaaaaa so cocky! Such a player ;)

    • hahaha yes! BANG THOSE TEENS!

  • 16-21

    Barely legal if possible

  • Saddly this is how many women think. the only use for men is for our money and giving them children.

    short explnation of why Men Going Their Own Way or (MGTOW)

    Shaming Single Men - MGTOW
    men are "not alloud" to be single are "shamed" for chosing it, even though single women are praised.

    • MGTOW brother ;)

      Still, for him, I think banging prime teens is better.

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    • if you do chose to be single don't let other people shame you for not having a Girlfriend or trying to get married and have children.

    • Living life for yourself is a good choice for modern men. :)