I just don't get some women on their ticking clock with children?

I told my friend that the guy she's dating is a cheater. She went to ask him what does she think he's going to rat himself out. Now she wants to have babies with this cheater. All she's going to do is trap herself in having babies with a him. Than she will be all surprised when he is cheating on her. Than even leaves her for someone else. I just don't get it. I understand some of us want babies but when someone tells you something about a person question things. That's when you get screwed over. It's like this baby racing time makes us make dumb decisions.


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  • that is true i feel now a days its a lot safer to have a baby post 35 with all the new medical advances. And i feel people shouldn't feel obligated to have children. For women it must be so stressful since men dont have an experation date i wouldn't know what that is like


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