Do I make the first move? Guys ! Do you like it when girls take the initiative?

I've been on two dates with a guy and he's told me Thur text that he likes me , haven't gotten to hang out with him after that. we haven't kissed or anything yet , just flirted and we talk all the time every day , so next time i see him... Do I kiss him? Or do I let him kiss me?

  • kiss him on the cheek and see what he does
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  • kiss him straight on first
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  • just flirt and wait for him to kiss me if he does
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  • It gets more interesting when a girl does the first move! When you see him go straight up to him kiss him on the cheek and say hi smile a looooooooot!!


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  • I love it when the girl makes the first move.I am a little shy, and welcome it when a girl I am hanging with breaks the ice.It just so happened last Friday night, I was with two girls at the gig and was chatting them up.One girl gave me the eye and then asked me to dance.
    We did, then sat down and talked.I was leaving shortly and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.I kissed her cheek.She then held my head and frenched me.If she had not taken the lead, it probably would have taken a few more dates before I kissed her.She got the ball rolling!

    • wow very lucky dude like yourself...i'm a shy guy too but not as lucky as you

  • A kiss on the cheek is just enough! He should get the hint and kiss you straight on

  • YES it's easier when girls make the first move!! Just do it

  • Yep a kiss on the cheek will get it started

  • how shy is he?

    • He's not too shy , but I think he thinks of me as a good girl and he doesn't know if I'd want that? because he knows I know he likes me but I haven't said I do..bcuz he didn't ask and I didn't want to be pushy

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    • No its not it would be cute but.. ask him if he likes you or something before you do that if you do so it makes sence that you said that

    • I did ask him through text after our second "hang out/date" and he told me he did. but thanks !!✌💕

  • if he doesn't kiss you then kiss him. girls making the first move = best thing ever.


What Girls Said 1

  • At least u know how to flirt.