How to ask a girl for relationship?

I like a girl very much
i found her many time seeing me
or noticing from far when i was going anywhere if she finds me then she stares at me often
i think she likes me too

so how should i ask her out?

Should i ask her for just snakes or only movie?

Should i ask her for date then please help me cause i don't know how to ask

or should i ask her directly if she likes me

and should i directly propose her?

Also say in which way should i ask her so that she doesn't embarassing...

U can also give ex to explain

please friends help me

and according to girls where should i take her and talk about this?

Means what type of place will be best for this type of talk?

I don't know how ask her to become my gf

thank you everyone for reading
and please reply soon


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  • Try to make friends with her, then just ask her out. Everything would just start working own it own pace if things are as you put them.

    • But i am confused how to ask her out

      please reply all ques i asked in my whole description

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    • Thank you very much
      this gonna help me a lot
      really thanks a lot

    • your welcome.

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  • Dinner and a movie are a nice classic

    • How talk with her at movie
      should i disturb her during movie or
      i should talk with her before and after that

      how to ask her out
      means how to make her feel that she is special for me?

      Thank you very much
      please reply soon

    • Asking her out... I like the above comment about doing it casually, it doesn't matter where you ask her out, or what you say if you can say it calmly and confidently.
      For the movie, a bit of polite get to know you chat is good before, during the movie try not to interrupt her unless she interrupts to chat about the movie as well (some people really hate to be distracted in a movie), it will give you time to relax about being around her without having to try to hold a conversation as well. Then, after the movie, you can use the movie for a conversation topic and it should help to avoid silences, but don't be afraid to let the conversation flow wherever it may

    • Okay
      thank you young lady

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