Was I being a douche? My ex fling deleted me from Facebook?

So a few weeks ago I posted a pic of me kissing the girl I'm trying to make my gf. She's also my best friend. She took me to a party and some girl I was messing with was there. I'm her brother's best friend so we still run into each other from time to time so things pretty much settled down. She really liked me but I just wasn't ready at the time. And when we hung out as a group a month before she was talking to her friend on the phone and I heard her say "things with (blank) are going great" We talked about Valentine's day and when everyone else said what they did, she stayed quite so I said her name so she would respond to the question. She said nothing but, I'll be doing something the following with a smile on her face. So anyway, I see my ex fling at the party and she gives me a hug as usual and I see her walk in with a guy so I ask her if that was her friend, she said "yeah that's my friend" As she sat down with him, I got up my seat to introduce myself to him and as I was about to walk away I tell him "I hope you're happy with (her name)" I didn't really introduce her to my best friend and just sat back on my seat. Apparently though my ex fling and my best friend got along really well since I had to leave the party early because my best friend added her. My best friend keeps liking a lot of her stuff, does this mean anything? Anyway, I ignored my ex fling and paid more attention to my best friend, obviously since I'm trying to make her my girl. My ex fling even invited me to her birthday party and I ended up not going or greeting her. I just kept showering my best friend with attention and after a month of the incident of bumping into her my ex fling deleted me. I thought it was because of her birthday but my brother asked her and responded with "no, it was just something between my brother and I"

I meant I have to leave early because my brother left his house keys. And my best friend added her on Facebook
And also if you saw this question on a girl's profile I accidentally put it on my sister's page


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  • She liked you and she saw pics.of you.kissing another girl, plus the comment to her new guy was a bit weird, so I can see why she deleted you.


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  • I would do the same as you. Don't know why she deleted you, she probably wants attention. She wants you to ask her why she deleted you or something I don't know


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  • I'm sorry maybe its just me but that was really hard to read and follow. I don't know who's who or what's really going on. Next time just give people fake names hahaha.
    I wouldn't read into actions on Facebook. Talk to people in person or I guess on the phone, but more directly. Find out if they have a problem or what's going on.
    I understood the last part, "I ignored my ex fling and paid more attention to my best friend".
    Either you're trying to move on or you and the ex fling are playing games and she's moving on herself or she's done with the games. Maybe both.

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