Girls, what do you look for in a guy?

I never really had a long term girlfriend, so let me ask:

What do you look for in a guy?
How do you want to be treated by him?
What makes you faithful to one man only?
What makes you want to rip off a guy's cloth and fuck with him?

And guys please don't answer, I know your answers already. I want the opinions of girls.


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  • Smart, nice, genuine, straightforward, similar sense of humor.

    I just don't want to be treated like shit lol.

    I'm faithful regardless of the situation and how the relationship is going. If i'm officially with him, it's only about him.

    I find intelligence incredibly sexy. I LOVE when a guy is smarter than I am. I like to push buttons and argue, so when a guy can handle that and win me at an argument it's hot. I think intelligence shows dominance and that's attractive in the right doses.


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  • Decency. Wits. Intelligence. Humor. The ability to carry on a conversation smoothly. Less aggressive. More calm. Good looking (if not Greek God material :P). He has to be absolutely crazy about me. Also, good grammar.
    Respectably and as an equal. As a best friend along with a girl friend.
    Knowing for sure that he would be faithful to one woman only.
    For me, the way he smells is an extreme turn on.

    • You described the ideal guy...

  • guys u r so great when u smile be confident give great complement and pot a great perfume be clean and take care of your since of fashion ( this if u ask about looks )
    when it comes to behave listen to her make her laugh say the truth always what ever it is and be cheerful , funny, talk about stuff girl can understand& like be gentle when u treat her to win the prize and if she loved u she will be 100% faithful good luck


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