I blew up at him cause I was upset that my dad had been yelling at me again?

I told this guy i was hooking up with that "id rather be alone than hook up with you". it was right after my dad had been yelling at me about what im doing with my life. I've already texted the guy 8 times. told him "do u not want to hang out with me" "i just got mad because my friend used to say stuff like that and it upset me" he hasn't replied. should i tell him i was upset because my dad had been yelling at me and i took it out on him? I've been in a situation like this before, and the guy didn't come around though.


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  • So wait, you told him "I'd rather be alone than hook up with you", and are now upset he's not replying back to you? Really?

    If you want to keep relationships, you need to learn how to keep your emotions in check. If something like this has already happened once, and this is twice...how many more times does life have to teach you a lesson?

    • i dont know thats what im afraid of. so saying that isn't going to change his mind?

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    • Right, but you apologized. Did you ask him to call you in a text?

    • No, I called him but he ignored the first one and just let the second one ring. Doesn't he deserve another apology for how mean I was anyway

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  • 8 times may have been a bit much.

    Sometimes people make mistakes, if he can't understand that, then there are better guys out there anyway.

    The foundation of any relationship isn't going to be very strong if they can't deal with emotions and the effects of emotions like that.

    To me, it seems simple. It was misdirected anger. To him, only time will tell. Try to back off for a bit and see if he gets back to you.

  • If a girl said that to me, she'd never hear from me again.

    Just because you were in a bad mood doesn't give you the right to lash out at other people.


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