You never know until you ask. WTF is love never felt it before?

I'm 19 I never been in love, I yet ever been with a beautiful woman I'm just looking for some one who will show me how to live and love, I will spend all my time to really to get to know someone!! How should I go about this with girls! my generation is messed up with this dating thing I just want her to be true to me! I'm willing to be loyalty, consistency & stability is my goal! HELP. Young P


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  • I think you should just be patient, and look around. Make friends with girls, talk to them, don't be an introvert. Sooner or later you'll find a girl that makes you think, "This is the one!" Look around and don't think that everyone's messed up immediately. Or just try to do new activities so you will find new people that hopefully are not messed up.

    Good luck! :)

  • don't rush up things okey just wait till the right person pass in front of you and you will maybe hardly but you will find out that she is the right person when it is the right person okey so just make friends and choose one but what do you mean that you have never been aroud beautiful women it's kind of bizarrr !!
    nice luck

    • I've been around lots of beautiful women but looks don't mater the ❤️Is what I mean. Most of the girl just want something from me then they out✌️

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