Should I brake up with him? are we doing each other more bad then good?

we've been together for almost a year now and no one gets r relationship. people think it's just because he's hot but that's not it. I mean yes, he IS hot and the sex is great and when we dance together it's awesome (he's a break dancer and I've taken everything for ballet to belly dance to hip hop. I can twerk/grind/booty shake like nothing on earth.) but that's not why i'm with him. I love him. but we r both A dogs with way to much pride for our own good and r fights r brutal. one time he said something that really pissed me off and I wouldn't talk to him and at one point he got so mad he said "(blank), I swear to God, if u don't told to me I will set u on fire!'. I just smirked sarcastically so he got out his lighter and held it under my book (we were in class) i still didn't talk but then i smelt the paper start to catch so i started yelling at him and he put it out right away. i had talked. is r relationship sick or what?

any guys?


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  • Yeah great talent, you can twerk grind and booty shake.

    I dont really understand what you are saying in this message. You think he is hot and sex is great. When you fight it's brutal. What else is there in your relationship? Do you love the way he is protective or do you truly enjoy your dates? Does he love your smile or something else. It's the small things that make the relationship worth continuing.

    • i love the way he smiles when he doesn't mean to. I love the way he kisses me and touches me like nothing else matters. I love how he knows when to listen and when to do something even when I tell him not to...

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    • I know I know, I was just kidding... :)

    • You got me there for a secong XD you scared me

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