Why would I have reacted this way?

I'm believe once a cheater always a cheater. I have a brother in law who is a misogynist cheater. He always preferred and took his dad's side when it came between his mom and dad. His mom used to lie and manipulate his dad so I guess these are some of the reasons why he is the way he is. Anyways he also had his first ex who cheated on him. I have never thought he's a good person for my sister. Yet my mom had told me that my sister found out her husband was talking again to his first ex. When that happened I got defensive because and told my mom that woman needed to stop getting in people's marriages. Than I caught myself and realized again that my brother in law is a cheater anyways. So for a second I was just blaming the women instead of blaming both of them. Of course I got this way because I don't want my nieces to go through any of that hurt. Still though it's their dad who is not caring about them. Why would I react this way yet when I know once a cheater always a cheater.


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  • Because "once (insert noun here) always a (insert the same noun here)" beliefs are all screwed up, its not always true so dont judge people like that, i myself hate judgmental people like that. Maybe deep down u believe that to and were defending him

    • How is it screwed up when it has been proved time and time again. The one I find pretty screwed up is the one where Needs aren't being Met. How can needs be met when people lie about what and who they are. When it really means the cheater's needs aren't being met. Cheaters are seeking people to accept them for who they are. Just like an alcoholic as long as you don't tell them anything your okay in their book. That's pretty ironic.

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    • Check out those divorces.

    • Yeah, well here in singapore those r mostly due to gambling or unhappy marriage, but not for cheating on your partner

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  • I would say you were thinking like anyone of us would, I wouldn't want any of my family member to go through hurt either. It's human nature to feel such way and you're a nice person anyway. You care and love your family so much that you started blaming every other person. I know I'm not mature to talk about such but I think it's just a simple reaction that came out of you when you thought about the whole thing.

    your love for the family made you think such things thats all.

  • I can understand you anger, but it's really none of your business. Your sister/brother-in-law are adults and can make their own choices.